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Sunday, July 3, 2016

DKTM 307

Hello all! Canada Day weekend has been just smashing, but it's time to take a break to bring you some happenings from the world of horror. Pull up a chair - or phone browser - won't you?

The UK Brings The Fright.

While there have been a number of shockers from the Motherland of late, at least the ones coming out of Leicester Square next month will be welcome. FrightFest announced this year's line-up and it is busting at the seams with genre content.

In addition to a number of wildly anticipated titles like The Woods, Let Her Out, Beyond The Gates and 31, there also a ton of lesser known efforts from around the world on the docket. Check out these trailers below.

FrightFest runs August 25th to 29th. For more info, click here.


Here is a short film that hit the Web this week from Alex J. Mann called Me2. Enjoy!

Get Planked.

Last week, I spoke of Scott Schirmer's newest diabolical creation, Plank Face. Now, the IndieGogo pre-order campaign has been launched along with the trailer.

Twenty-five bones gets you a Limited Edition DVD, as well as the filmmakers undying love. For more info on the campaign, click here

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