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Sunday, July 10, 2016

DKTM 308

Hey all! It's been a huge weekend of horror and sports, so this post is coming to you from the past. Check it out.

Maron Talks To The Masters.

Marc Maron of the WTF Podcast recently interviewed the impressive one-two punch of John Carpenter and Joe Dante about their careers, their inspirations and just filmmaking in general. Click on the image below!


Scape Goat Productions, the cats responsible for the Evil Dead 2 comic books, have a new project on the go - The Evil Dead 2 Board Game.

There is currently a Kickstarter campaign going for this, and considering they've already reached 250% of their goal, the demand is obviously there. If you'd like to have one for your very own, click here.


This isn't a piece of news, I just laid eyes on this gorgeous Mulholland Drive print from Kevin Tong yesterday and I wanted to post it.

Of course, the Mondo release was last year, so now it is worth hundreds and hundreds of dollars and it will never be mine, but holy moly, is it a thing of beauty. *sigh


Belial Bradley said...

Here's one you might want:

Jay Clarke said...

Very nice! Took me a second lol