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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Don't Kill The Messenger X

I'm still under the weather, but here's what I got.

More Imperiled Sorority Girls Ahead.

A trailer has surfaced for Sorority Row, the newest remake on the block. Check it below.

Now, I never saw the original 1983 version, but I'm pretty sure a 4-way tire iron with blades fused to it wasn't the killer's weapon of choice. Is it just me, or are they getting a little ridiculous with these slasher weapons? I mean, what's next? A toilet brush with barbed wire wrapped around it? A waffle iron with an extra long extension cord? Sheesh. Even though the trailer makes it look fairly pedestrian, I believe I will check this one out, if only for this comment on Imdb.

"The movie was originally intended to be R-rated, but after the success of 2008's Prom Night remake, Summit Entertainment planned to trim it to a PG-13 rating. However, they changed their mind, and decided to keep the movie as a solid R-rated movie"

Well done, boys. Well done.

Toddler Trauma

I wish I spoke Japanese, so I could fully appreciate this clip below.

I hope all their zombipocalypse training is worth all those therapy bills later in life.

Golf. The Most Dangerous Game.

Again, YouTube serves up the weird.

Thanks, AOTS.

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