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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Don't Kill The Messenger 52

Hello all. It's been a beautiful sunny weekend here, so how's about a little doom and gloom to spice up your Sunday morning?

Short Shorts.

Here are a couple of shorts that I saw this week while surfing the Web. The first is Andy Muschietti's short Mamá that I discovered courtesy of Twitch. The artistry on display here is pretty remarkable. And apparently, dark maestro Guillermo del Toro agrees, as he is now in the process of helping to expand it into a full length feature.

The second is a short by Drew Daywalt, that earlier this week he threw up on his Twitter feed. This guy just owns the short film format. See what he does in less than two minutes in The Laundromat.

Suddenly Less Excited.

I've mentioned before that I was intrigued Christina Ricci's upcoming project After.Life. Well, the trailer dropped recently.

Hurm. I was kind of hoping for something a little less... generic looking. And what a strange career path Justin Long is on. He goes from being Mac guy to beleaguered boyfriend in horror flicks? Odd.

Oh, The Possibilities.

Again through Twitch, I came across this really interesting interview between My Big Fat Geek Running and Suda 51. Suda 51 is a highly revered game developer who has made such outside-the-box titles as killer 7 and No More Heroes. The meat of this interview is that Suda 51 mentioned that during a recent meeting with Japanese director Sion Sono, Sono said these magic words, "Well actually, if you’re interested you can adapt my next movie into a video game."

If you a gamer and are at all familiar with Sion Sono's films, this should make you extremely excited. After my recent experience with Heavy Rain, my appetite has been whetted. I need more! For the full interview with Suda 51, click here.

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