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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Don't Kill The Messenger 53

Whew, I'm exhausted. I had almost a twenty-four day yesterday and the time change didn't help either. Regardless, I must soldier on to provide you with this week's pieces of cool, before getting in some quality couch time.

The Next Big Thing?

My buddy Darryl sent me this cool demo for 13th Street by German company Jung Von Matt & Film Deluxe. Check it out below.

I think the thing that really strikes me about this is the production value. This footage looks A LOT better than I would expected out of an independent outfit. It's certainly a pretty good display of the possibililities and in theory, this is a fantastic idea. The main complaint of horror movie detractors is that the characters always do the same shit, and rarely what the viewer would in that situation. So, what if you were calling the shots? The life of the character onscreen would then be in your hands. That would ratchet up the tension just a little bit, wouldn't you think? There is one large caveat to this format though. As soon as you get the first jackass on the line, the experience ends. As hilarious as it would be for some douche - when asked by the nubile young hottie what she should do - to yell into his phone "take off your shirt!" it's not really doing much for the mood now, is it? Regardless, if this technology ever makes it way across the pond, I'd be more than willing to try it out.

Here Comes F*ckin' Parker!

One of my favourite slashers - as evidenced by how many copies of it I own because of all the different cuts that have been released over the years - is a little movie called Intruder. It was a film that a bunch of The Renaissance Boys got together to do after Evil Dead 2. It was directed by Scott Spiegel and featured familiar faces Danny Hicks and Sam & Ted Raimi. It was also one of the first movies that Bob Kurtzman, Greg Nicotero & Howard Berger did together under the name KNB EFX. Spiegel's visual style is what I like to refer to as 'Raimi times a thousand'. You could make a drinking game out of how many crazy shots there are in this movie. The reason I mention it today is that Jason Bene over at Killerfilm sat down with star Danny Hicks to talk about his experiences being part of that great collective. Here's a clip.

Jason Bene: How did you meet Sam Raimi?

Danny Hicks: I met Sam Raimi when I auditioned for Evil Dead II. It’s really kind of strange because even though we were both from Detroit, Sam was film and I was theater so we never crossed paths. In fact, the only one of the whole group that I had ever met was Ted Raimi. The way I met him was a friend of mine was producing and directing a play called See How They Run and she asked for my help in casting it. So I went down and I saw this big, tall, and gangly lunatic. I said “I don’t know who this guy is but you got to use him”, and it was Ted Raimi. So, I actually got Ted Raimi his first paying gig as an actor. It wasn’t until I auditioned for Evil Dead II that I met Sam Raimi.

Jason Bene: Can you talk about your experience on Evil Dead II?

Danny Hicks: What is really amazing is that all these years later people are still insane over this movie. It was my first feature film that I had ever done and fortunately I got a lot of training in Detroit as an actor working in front of the camera doing industrial films in the automotive industry. Every time they changed a bumper mount or a shock absorber they would do an industrial film. That’s where I got most of my training on how to work in front of a camera was from doing industrial films.

For the rest of the interview, click here.

Behind The Bath.

Some of you may remember that a print titled Lady Bathory by graphic artist Joshua Hoffline's made an impression on me last August at The Festival Of Fear.

Well, this week my brother forwarded me a link to a post outlining how it was done. It's pretty interesting stuff. Check it out here.

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