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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Roll Out The Red Carpet.

As you are likely aware, this Sunday is the 82nd Annual Academy Awards. To celebrate, I’ve got an extra special Coverbox Wednesday for you all today that ties in with Hollywood's biggest night.

A thing I've always found interesting about horror films is that they often feature young talents that subsequently went on to become household names. I had no shortage of such titles at my store. Now, we’re all familiar with the appearances (and classic demises) of Johnny Depp and Kevin Bacon in A Nightmare On Elm Street & Friday The 13th respectively, but here are some you might not be aware of – or had at least maybe forgotten about.

Brad Pitt

John Travolta

Jennifer Connelly

Sharon Stone

Leonardo DiCaprio

Patricia Arquette

Drew Barrymore

Jennifer Aniston

Tom Hanks

Hugh Grant

George Clooney

Susan Surandon

John Candy

Holly Hunter & Jason Alexander

Brooke Shields

Horror not only launched the careers of actors, but also directors.

Ivan Reitman

David Cronenberg

Francis Ford Coppola

Sam Raimi

Guillermo del Toro

Peter Jackson

This year’s Oscars are of special note, as two of the duelling directors for Best Picture, are not only ex-spouses, but both cut their teeth on horror projects.

James Cameron

Kathryn Bigelow

So on Oscar night, when you see all those A-listers in the crowd, wearing clothes that likely cost more than your car, just remember that they all started somewhere.


TheMikeSchwartz said...

I had no idea Drew Barrymore was the daughter in Altered States!!!

Horrorfan said...

Now I want all the movie you show in your blog, they're all cult!! thanks!!