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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Don't Kill The Messenger 77

It's Turkey Day for us here in the Great White North, so here's some meaty morsels to mull over.

More Gore To Come.

A trailer recently released on Twitch for Yoshihiro Nishimura's new gore opera Helldriver. Here it is below in all its blood drenched glory.

Released under the newly-formed banner Sushi Typhoon (which has already unleashed solid offerings such as Alien vs Ninja and Cold Fish), Nishimura has stated that Helldriver is the spiritual sequel to Tokyo Gore Police. Not that I would need any convincing to see this, but you say something like that and my pace quickens from a jog to a sprint.

Red Undead.

Just when you thought Rockstar's open-world western Red Dead Redemption couldn't get any better, they announce some DLC, that is chock-full of zombies. Here's the announcement trailer below.

Two words: Zombie bears.

Netflix Pix.

So, after what has seemed like an eternity, Netflix's streaming service has finally launched in Canada. How the fuck did we ever survive without this? A library of films to watch instantly for eight bucks a month? Magical. Anyway, there's a ton of shit on there - and by shit, I mean dreck - so I wanted to take some time to pick out a few obscure titles available on the site that I think are worth a look.

This is one I saw a few months ago. A simple Aussie thriller that has a solid narrative that keeps its card close to its chest. It requires some patience, but I thought it was quite a satisfying watch. For my full review, click here.

This was a 2005 Midnight Madness entry that I was sad to see get swept under the rug. It's an Irish creature feature, absolutely dripping with atmosphere. Its low budget hampers it a tad, but I think great performances and its dark and moody aesthetic more than make up for it.

With Halloween coming up and it now available via this service, this is the perfect time to check out what I've been raving about for ages. Charm and quirk are terms that get thrown about a lot, but they're really the only words I can use to describe a movie that I probably shouldn't like as I much as I do. For my full review from back in 2008, click here.

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