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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Bloody ABC's

Hey all. I'm knee deep in TIFF right now, so now DKTM, but I did want to share this newly released red band trailer for the ABC's of Death 2.

It's so awesome that the trailer opens with my friend Steve Kostanski's segment (coincidentally featuring Willem Halfyard, who starred in my short film Lively last year) as it is sure to be a highlight. I'm so excited for the Toronto premiere next month at Toronto After Dark.

In addition to Kostanski, ABC's 2 also has three other Canadian collaborators in Vincenzo Natali, The Soska Sisters and my good buddy Chris Nash. His segment is gonna knock your fucking socks off, trust me.

My TIFF coverage will begin on Tuesday, but check back tomorrow for a guest post from Canuxploitation's Paul Corupe.

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