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Sunday, July 16, 2017

If You Want It Done Right...

I'm gallivanting around Montreal right now, so no DKTM today, however I did want to call attention to a web series called Allie & Lara Make A Horror Movie. Created by Toronto-based horror mavens Larissa Thomas & Alicia Faucher, the first episode dropped a few days ago.

I dig how this turned out and the message rings true. When you're a filmmaker (or even a creator of content) it's easy to get bogged down by negativity or discouraged by those who seek to mess with your vision, so the idea that no matter what Allie & Lara (played with gusto by Maddy Foley & Heather Dicke) are going to make their vision - in this case a monster movie called Womantis - a reality is an inspiring one.

If you liked what you saw, why not contribute to their Indiegogo? The production already has a few episodes in the can, but they need some extra cash to bring the rest of their season into the world. Check it out here.

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