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Sunday, October 29, 2017

DKTM 355

Hey guys! I've extricated myself from watching the second stanza of Stranger Things long enough to regale you with some recent goings on around the Web. Today, I will be undergoing some legendary suffering, but more on that next week. For now, enjoy your Sunday!

Bite-Sized Awesome.

I've been watching hundreds of short films over the last few months for different fests, so it's a little funny that one of the best this year has come from an outside source. Fox and Mars got together to broadcast some two-minute horror shorts over the last week or so. They were all decent, but the one brought to us by Skittles was far and away the best.

That's some “next level” storytelling right there. Kudos to filmmakers Simon Allen & Toby Meakins for pulling that one off. To check out the M&M's, Starburst and Snickers shorts, click here.

Ride Along.

Local filmmaker Mikey McMurran burst onto the scene a few years ago with his irreverent Xmas horror, Secret Santa. Now, he's currently crowdfunding for his newest project, the comedy horror anthology The Final Ride. Here's the pitch below.

I think that vintage workout video featuring Ry Barrett may be worth the price of admission alone. To contribute to the campaign, click here.

Neon & Palm Trees.

I found this awesome retrofier app online this week. Check it out!

To make your own, go here!

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