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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Man, That Sucks.

I got some really upsetting news via Icons Of Fright (thanks Nash for the heads up) today. It appears that the subtitles on the US DVD and Blu-ray release for Let The Right One In are not the original ones. And what is worse is they have been replaced a vastly inferior track. This is a big fucking deal folks. Nothing ruins a good foreign film more than bad subtitling. I mean, it's even worse than watching a dubbed version. If you want to see visual examples of this treachery, click here to go to the main article.

This is a travesty. Let The Right One In was my favourite horror film of 2008 and I'd been eagerly awaiting an opportunity to watch the Blu-ray. I'm now beginning to think destiny played a role in my not acquiring it yet. I'd many chances to, but for some reason or another I hadn't. I have many people I want to show this movie to and I'm not going to do them or it an injustice by screening it with shitty subtitles. This is a real inconvenience, but there must be somewhere I can get an original copy. Let the search begin.

Shame on whoever is responsible for this. SHAME!!!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, wait, I just got the post title. Anyhoo, update: they're replacing these subtitles with the onees from the theatrical release. They're not giving refunds for the DVDs they've already sold, but if you don't have it yet, look for the word "theatrical" somewhere in the language spec box on the back of the case. I think I saw it on the Onion AV Club if you wanna check my work.