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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Toronto's Nerd Prom is Nigh!

The Toronto Fan Expo - and more importantly for me, the Festival Of Fear - is almost upon us. As I did last year around this time, I am devoting this installment of Coverbox Wednesday to the genre celebrities that are coming out this weekend.

First, we have the guest of honour, the King himself - Bruce Campbell. Everyone knows his work as Ash from the Evil Dead films, but my old horror section had a few of his other titles to offer.

I'm looking forward to seeing him for obvious reasons, but also because his appearances are always so much freakin' fun. I've seen him twice before - once at a book signing for If Chins Could Kill and then again at the Midnight Madness screening of Bubba Ho-tep - and he always brings down the house. I wonder if I can distinguish myself from the pack by telling him how much I'm loving Burn Notice?

Film guru Roger Corman is appearing this year.

And I'll never forget this gem that stared back at me from the shelf from way back.

Legendary actor Udo Kier is also on deck this weekend.

Tom Savini returns to FOF, after having been here for its inaugural year in 2004. He's mostly known for being an effects guy and actor, but he's spent sometime in the director's chair, as well.

There was a shocking lack of Barbara Steele's titles at our store, but we did have two from her work during the seventies.

Even though Linda Hamilton is best known for her work in the Terminator films, she also co-starred with Peter Horton in this Stephen King adaptation.

Well, that's it for now. The next time you'll hear from me, I'll be on the show floor!

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TheMikeSchwartz said...

I had no idea Barbara Steele was in Shivers. Who does she play??
Seeing all of these covers really shows the lack of talent appearing this year. Bruce is a highlight and so is Corman, but I could do without the rest.