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Friday, January 29, 2010

Bring On The Show!

This week’s intro is Vidmark Entertainment.

Gosh, that one really makes you feel like you’re at the theatre, doesn’t it?

Vidmark came onto the scene circa 1984 and over the years they released many horror titles including The Unnamable, Hellgate, Nightwish, American Gothic, Warlock, Guillermo Del Toro’s debut Cronos and all the Leprechaun films. They were also one of the few companies that offered rated and unrated versions of their releases. Being that I worked at Cockbuster, you can be sure they capitalized on that and that's why Vidmark had a big presence in my store. Rated, cut-to-shit films for everyone! Yay!!! We may have rented the rated version of Dead Alive – with a full TWELVE minutes chopped - but I least I ‘borrowed’ our unrated screener, which is what the clip above was taken from.

Ooooooo aaaahhh!

Vidmark also put out one of my very favourites from the early nineties. Return Of The Living Dead 3 starring the lovely Mindy Clarke. We had the rated version of that too, but unlike with Dead Alive, I didn’t realize it until many years later. The unrated cut, to my knowledge, has still not seen a Region 1 DVD release.

What is wrong with the world today? That there is a thing of gruesome beauty; share it with the rest of the class! A larger company eventually swallowed up Vidmark and currently most of its catalogue belongs to Lionsgate.

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