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Thursday, January 28, 2010

It Came From The Archives!

I’ve mentioned before that going into the crawlspace of my childhood home is kind of like that warehouse scene at the end of Raiders Of The Lost Ark. Except mine has a ceiling that’s only three-feet high. The point is that when I was kid, I basically hoarded anything that was even remotely horror and now it all resides in the dark and dusty confines of this place.

Last year, while undertaking that massive project with my posters I came across tons of crazy items and the first thought that went through my mind was always the same. I have to put that up on the site at some point. Well, the time has come to start doing that. I knew I wanted to start with this and since the last few posts have been Barker-related; there really couldn’t be a better time to pull it out.

Behold, Nightbreed: The Interactive Movie.

Disk 4?! Geez!!!

I wonder if I showed that floppy disk to my nephew, would he even know what the fuck it is? God I'm old. Here are some shots of the manual. To save you squinting, you can click to enlarge.

CGA? VGA? WTFGA?! So complicated!

I wish I had more memories of this game, but the truth is I couldn’t get past the third or fourth level where you have to dodge an increasing onslaught of blades thrown by the nefarious Decker. I certainly never got to the part with the FLYING FUCKING MANTA RAYS!!!

I'd love to play this again, but I don’t think there are many people left in the universe that have a PC that is able to play games that take five-and-a-quarter floppies. Christ, even still owning a VCR is considered antiquated these days. However, I was able to find some footage of the game on YouTube (courtesy user markadam88). I seem to remember it being a little bit more… exciting. It looks like he might have had trouble with the same part I did because all this footage is from pretty early on in the game. Here it is below. Enjoy!

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TheMikeSchwartz said...

This makes me think about how amazing a first person shooter Nightbreed game would be.