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Friday, March 12, 2010

It Came From The Archives 2!

I took another trip back into the archives this week and pulled out a bunch of old shit, that will hopefully all make its way on here at some point in the future. Today's little oddity is an old horror trivia board game called Dark Lore.

I can't remember exactly where I acquired it, but I'm pretty sure Elvira was involved somehow. It was produced in Ontario, so it may get some recognition from my local peeps, but blank stares from everyone else.

It played like your average game board based trivia game with dice-- shit, I just realized I'm missing the one that came with it... oh well, I'm pretty sure it was just a standard die and not anything cool like one that had skulls for dots.

Supreme Master Of The Macabre! Now THAT'S a title!

The pits and the full moon cards were a nice touch, spicing things up a bit.

Here below are the six games pieces that were available to the players.

Let's see, we got Dracula, Frankenstein ok, The Mummy, Werew-- Toxic Avenger?! Lloyd would be proud. The trivia questions in the game ranged from super easy to fairly hard, with a lot of them being multiple choice. However, having six different categories made for a good deal of variety.

I blotted out the answers because I thought we could have a little bit of fun. Any takers?

I only played the full game using the board a few times, but I have pulled out the cards on occasion, the most recent being last year's road trip to Montreal for Fantasia. Good times.

That's it for now, but I think you guys are really going to dig what I have in store for you over the coming months. And don't worry, I haven't forgot about the posters. They are coming along, as well. Have a great weekend everyone!


TheMikeSchwartz said...

I deleted my last comment. I want to change my answer for #5 to: 555-2368
Am I right?

Jay Clarke said...

haha, yes that is right. I would have thought you'd have been all over the Scooby Doo one lol