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Friday, June 18, 2010

24: Mark 3

Well, it's that time again for the Toronto Film Race. It will no doubt be a late night this eve as me and my crew try to put something together that resembles coherence in time for the Saturday 10pm deadline. For newer readers, the Film Race is a yearly competition that challenges entrants to write, shoot & edit a four-minute short in twenty-four hours. I feel pretty good about this year, as I've got both Schwartz and Darrin with me this time around. Darrin was the Mac Pro mage who managed to cut together my first year short "The Mountebank" in a few hours, and Schwartz & I made such a solid team last year on "Snip" that we ended up almost winning the damn thing. Most importantly, we've all got experience now, which helps avoid the pitfalls that can bring down novice teams.

I think the only stumbling block this year is our lack of actors. It looks like I might have to pull double duty and step in front of the camera this time. I haven't done that for quite a while, but hey, it's for a good cause, right?

Anyway, that's going to keep me occupied all weekend, but hopefully I'll have the full story of what went down for you on Monday. Until then, wish us luck. Below, are both of our first two Film Race shorts.


Jeff said...

Break legs, boys!

Anonymous said...

Jay, have you heard of Spacer Woman?

Jay Clarke said...

Thanks for the link, I must admit it sounds vaguely familiar. I love the Fantastic Planet clips in the vid.