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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

At Long Last.

Sometimes running this blog involves some juggling. I had intended to use this week for my next It Came From The Archives segment and regale you with my collection of Topps Dinosaurs Attack! cards. However, a search of the 'Net quickly revealed that a dude by the name of Bob Heffner had already displayed them in all their bloody glory. Click the image below to go to his site, as they are definitely worth a look.

So, here I was, left with a slot to fill. Then I realized I should really get around to documenting the posters I spent so much time sorting and mounting over the last year. While I technically began posting them during last month's ICFTA (my Full Moon posters) this will be the first official installment of The Poster Archive Project.

Where to begin! Well, I'd say my Weekend Of Horrors stash would be a good start. I've talked before about the one & only time Fangoria brought their roadshow to the Big Smoke in 1991. I've also probably mentioned that by the end of that weekend, I was on a first-name basis with all the poster vendors there. My WOH haul is easy to spot these days because I had them all mounted (at great cost) shortly after the show. I look back now and laugh at just how much money I had to burn then. Even if I was only making four-sixty-five an hour, I was a sixteen-year-old with a job and the money piled up fast.

Anyway, here they are.

I still have the standee for this too, but it's in pretty rough shape.

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