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Friday, June 11, 2010

Trailer Overflow

A lot of stuff surfaced this week, so I'm putting some of it up today.

First up, is the trailer for the slasher Spirit Camp.

Camp is right, but I find it very hard to say no to a DVD that comes with an autographed pair of panties!

Next, is actually a clip for a sci-fi short called Re-wire courtesy of Twitch. You might recognize star Brandon McGibbon from his recent appearance in Splice.

Hey, guess what? There's a new Puppet Master movie coming out. On the heels of my Full Moon posts last month, is a trailer for Axis Of Evil.

Man, I love that theme music. I believe it's coming out in July sometime. You can also to click here to see a clip from the movie.

Here's a trailer that Quiet Earth posted on Monday for a new UK project called Darkest Day.

As you can see, it's got a LARGE 28 Days Later vibe, but you all know very well that zombies - or some infected variation thereof - equal my attention.

Lastly, below is a newly released trailer for the upcoming Splatterhouse video game.

Okay, that's a load off. See you back here Sunday for Don't Kill The Messenger!

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