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Sunday, February 26, 2012

DKTM 133

Good morning all. I'm working on something for next week currently, so I'll keep things short for you here today.

When Lieberman Met Serling.

A fantastic archive piece come over Fangoria's Facebook feed the other day. Cult filmmaker Jeff Lieberman - who I coincidentally had the pleasure of meeting at last year's TIFF - recently uploaded a fourty-year old recording of a project he worked on with Rod Serling. The very candid taping was for narration of a 1972 Janus film series called "The Art of Film." This is a unique window into the persona of one of the most creative minds the world has ever known. Here it is below.

The Ladies Have The Floor.

Even with all my coverage for Women In Horror Month, my lack of lady parts limits me from really giving you a feminine point of view. So, here's the latest episode of Lianne Spiderbaby's Fright Bytes to scratch that itch.

WIHM will wrap up here at THS on Tuesday with a very special video. Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

J-bot, Did you see the cover for The Thing coming out on Criterion?

Jay Clarke said...

Very nice!