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Monday, February 20, 2012

Slumber Party At The Underground!

For this week's WIHM festivities, I'm going to focus on some ladies who work behind the camera. Today, I'm focusing on editor/screenwriter/director Amy Holden Jones. Last week, I checked out Rue Morgue's screening of Slumber Party Massacre, and was very glad to see that it still holds up. It's a lot funnier than I remembered and the killer Russ Thorn is quite a departure from most of that era. The screening included a Q&A via Skype with the director Jones herself, moderated by RM editor Dave Alexander that you can hear below. Sorry about the shitty audio at times, but I think you can make most of it out.

Unfortunately, my battery died before the conclusion of the interview, but the last two questions went like so.

Alexander: What are you working on now, and would you like to do another horror movie?

Jones: Well, I was attached to direct a remake of The Entity for a time, but that fell through. I currently have a spec script that I want to do if I can get the money together. But yeah, I've love to do another horror movie. They're a lot of fun.

Alexander: What advice would you give to any female, or male for that matter, who wants to get started in the business.

Jones: Shoot something, just get out and do it. If you sit around waiting for someone to give you a job, it'll never happen. Write a script and shoot it. If you can't write, get a script and shoot it. You need something that will get you noticed. That's really the most important advice I can give.

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