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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Trailer Tuesdays: Ol' Montreal.

I'm off to Montreal in a few days for the opening of this year's Fantasia Film Festival, so to celebrate I decided to spool up some old horror flicks that were filmed in that fair city. First, I'll start with the obvious. Several of David Cronenberg's early works were filmed in Quebec, so I just decided to go with the most “explosive” of the lot.

Keeping with the Michael Ironside theme, here's a great one for the 1982 slasher Visiting Hours.

This next one is near and dear to me, having reviewed it during Rat Week back in 2008. I mean, what more do you need that Peter Weller facing off against a maniacal giant rat?

Can't reminisce about eighties horror films without mentioning Jamie Lee Curtis. Let's hop aboard the Terror Train!

Lastly, here's one for a nineties horror flick. I actually saw this weird little oddity starring Eddie Furlong in theatres. I think I even still have the soundtrack for Brainscan on CD.

Trailers courtesy of C64b, kneumsi, Humanoidity, myxmovie & movietrailers03.    

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