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Sunday, July 7, 2013

DKTM 186

Hello all. Here's what I've got for you this week.

Blood On The Lens.

Those crazy Canucks Astron 6 have set their sights on their next project and they need our help. Check out the video below to see how you can contribute.

To kick in some cash, check out the Indiegogo page here. On a related note, If They Came From Within - the event that first premiered the poster for The Editor - is coming to Toronto! 

That's right, if you were not able to attend the show at Fantasia last year, it is coming to The Big Smoke next month as part of the Festival of Fear celebrations.

Fire City.

Here below is a cool short I found via Rue Morgue. Behold, Fire City: King of Miseries.

I love short films that, in only a few moments, can insinuate a world larger than what is shown. I also feel that the mix of practical and digital effects is well executed here. I hope there are more of these coming in the future from director Tom Woodruff Jr.

Far From...

Turning to the gaming side of things, here's some game play from a early build of something called Routine.

At first glance, Routine just looks like a mash-up of Dead Space, Portal & Half Life, but there are two things about this that excite me. First, the sound in this video is spectacular, and secondly, this will apparently support Oculus VR, something that I have grown increasingly excited about over the last few months. Planetary tours and dogfight simulators are one thing, but this? Well, this is the dream, folks.

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