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Sunday, July 28, 2013

DKTM 188

Hello all! I'm just taking a little break from my Fantasia coverage to share some of these horror items from last week.

Choice Cuts.

Over the past few years, the Ontario-based company The Butcher Shop have become a special effects institution. Run by effects gurus Carlos Henriques & Ryan Louagie, they have lent their services to countless independent horror productions. And now, to give you an idea of their insane talents, here's an effects reel that just recently slashed its way online. Enjoy!

Collect Them All.

I recently received an email boasting these “Zombot” cards from Richard Raaphorst's Frankenstein's Army. Take a look!

Right-click to enlarge.

Never Stop Renting!

Here's a little mini-doc called Rent In Peace, which stops in at Thomas Video, the last video store left in Guelph, Ontario. Somehow, this little operation has outlasted even the big boys. Let's see how!

In & Out in One.

Here's something pretty cool. In celebration of the release of The Conjuring, Vice called upon four directors to each make a one-minute POV shot, based on something scary that happens at 3:07am. Here is director Jason Eisener's excellent entry “One Last Dive”.

Short, sweet and effective. That's pretty much everything you want out of a short film. Eisener also recently contributed to V/H/S 2, with his entry “Slumber Party Alien Invasion.”

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