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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Are You Infected?

The US remake of the awesome Spanish film [REC] entitled Quarantine releases this Friday. Usually I wouldn't get excited about a rehash of something done perfectly the first time around, but this time I think lightning may strike twice. I thought about doing zombies for this installment of Coverbox Wednesday - that would have been infinitely easier - but I felt that was a bit obvious. Instead, I pulled out a few outbreak/infection movies. Hope to see you on the right side of the plastic curtain...

Maybe you can help a brother out with this last one because I can't remember the name of it for the life of me. It was a low budget horror movie I got from my store that I believe was from the early eighties. The hook is there is a virus that kills you when you fall asleep. I remember a scene at the end with a guy and a girl hiding away in this old cabin trying to keep each other awake. The guy finally does fall asleep and there's this cool (or at least I remember it being cool) stop-motion sequence where the guy's head pretty much melts away ala Evil Dead. Does ANYONE know the name of this movie?

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