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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween Links

As you would expect, the Internet is currently alive with ghoulish content. Here are just a few I have come across in my travels. If you've seen anything cool recently, please feel free to pass it my way.

Over at, they have an article about creative Halloween ads. Here's a sample. has a ton of original horror content, here are two quick vids from Waverly Films.

I bet you've never seen THESE deleted scenes from John Carpenter's Halloween.

If you go over to Yahoo! Music, they have collected together a bunch of ghoulish videos, like this old classic from Aphex Twin.

Fans of Hatchet will probably dig the new short from Adam Green, called The TiVo. Click here to check it out.

The season finale of Ghostella's Haunted Tomb (called Top Friends featuring 300's Lena Headey) is not online yet, but click here for an episode from earlier this year entitled Ex.

Lastly, there is a cool bit over at about the history of Scream Queens.

Happy Devil's Night everyone!

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