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Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Shorts

Along with its line-up of features, Toronto After Dark also showcases several shorts over the course of the week. A Canadian short was screened before every film and Sunday afternoon featured an International Programme of nine shorts from around the world.

Here are my top five shorts from the week:

1. Treevenge – The new short by Jason Eisener, the genius behind last year’s Grindhouse faux trailer competition winner Hobo With A Shotgun. Gory, clever and downright hilarious, Treevenge is fifteen minutes of absolute gold. Eisener is on track for great things.

2. The Facts In The Case of Mister Hollow – Like I mentioned before, this played in front of Let The Right One In and I’m still thinking about it. The attention to detail and eerie score really work together to make this a stunning piece of art.

3. The Goblin Man Of Norway – A faux documentary meant as a companion piece to Silicon Knights recent video game release Too Human. This short was so brilliantly executed that a good chunk of the audience thought it was real, until the following Q&A. Watch it here.

4. Hydro-Levesque – A highly enjoyable experimental film – an oxymoron in itself. If David Lynch had grown up in Winnipeg, we may have gotten something like this, instead of cult darling Eraserhead.

5. Bum Rush – A really funny short about three average Joes taking on a very angry vagrant. What makes this even more impressive is that this was a 24-hour film challenge entry. I know what is involved in producing one of these and the fact that the final product was this polished is a true testament to their skills. See it here.

Some honourable mentions:

Martians Go Home – An homage to eighties horror involving a movie geek fighting alien zombies.

I Live In The Woods – This is a great stop motion animation bit about a maniacal forest dweller. He wreaks more destruction in three minutes than most could in ninety. Click here for a sneak peek.

Kingz – This German actioner just got better and crazier as it went on. Gangsters, kung fu and aliens oh my! Check out the trailer here.

Deadspiel – Someone finally had to bright idea to combine zombies and curling. Hilarity ensues!

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