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Saturday, April 11, 2009

One By One.

Sorry about being a day late on this post, but a hangover and a malfunctioning DVR (and by malfunctioning, I mean forgot to record it) led to me not seeing the Harper's Island premiere until last night.

So, Harper's Island. It's not bad. Yes, it is Ten Little Indians with a huge infusion of Dawson's Creek and other shows of that ilk that I don't watch, but I do have to admit the whole "primetime event" vibe of this thing is too tantalizing to pass up. I suppose that it was CBS is hoping for. And even if it isn't the bee knees, it's only thirteen episodes right? There are certainly no shortage of lovely ladies and even a few sprinkles of gore that I wasn't expecting from a network show. With the murder mystery hook and its Northwestern locale the comparisons to Twin Peaks are inevitable, but Harper's Island lacks several of the elements that made that show such a phenomenon. Regardless, I applaud CBS for giving something like this a go because do we need something other than Lost to talk about around the proverbial water cooler. As for theories, I'd say it's a little early in the game for that considering we really haven't met all the players yet. I could have sworn I saw Bill Pullman in the promo, but maybe I was imagining things.

Okay Harper's Island, you have my attention. Impress me.

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