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Thursday, January 7, 2010

I Be Kreativ!

A cool thing popped into my inbox yesterday. Evil Dead Junkie over at Things That Don't Suck gave me one of these!

SUCK IT People's Choice Awards!!! Now, apparently after receiving one of these Kreativ Blogger thingies, there are a few things I must do after I thank and link to my bestower.

1) Post 7 things about you people may find interesting.
2) Nomimate 7 Kreativ Bloggers.
3) Leave a comment on those 7 telling them you nominated them.

Why 7? I don't know, ask the long-haired chick that'll be crawling through your TV in a week, if you don't pass it on. All right... 7 interesting things... this'll be good considering I'm really not all that interesting.

1) This is The Horror Section office. This is where all 'the magic' happens.*

2) In June 2001, I backpacked around Iceland. I had been into several Icelandic bands, like Sigur Ros, Gus Gus and obviously Björk for quite sometime and became extremely curious about the birthplace of all these vibrant and spiritual artists. I was there for their Independence Day celebrations, so you can imagine I drank a lot of Viking. I never did get used to the midnight sun. That trip remains one of my most cherished memories.

3) Speaking of trips, I'll be taking another one in April. I am going to Las Vegas for the first time with three friends. What started as a destination for a stag eventually got kaiboshed by the groom-to-be. So, we said eff it, we'll go without him. I don't think we are actively going to try and top the events in The Hangover, but I'm sure it's in the back of our minds. I'm the only single one of us, so I'll likely be the one that gets blamed for every seedy transgression.

4) I am a long suffering Toronto Maple Leafs fan. It's in the blood, what can I say?

5) My favourite director is Stanley Kubrick. My favourite film is A Clockwork Orange.

6) I have never had a cup of coffee. I grew up in an English household and was reared on tea. One night at a friend's sleepover, we were going to try and stay up all night, so he made a pot of coffee. It touched my lips and I thought 'that's the most disgusting stuff I've ever tasted in my life' and never looked back. Just the smell turns me off.

7) I get overly attached to inanimate objects. When my first car died, it stung for a long time. My PS3 is like a child to me. I guess that would explain why I'm such a pack rat. Objects = Memories.

Okay, onto the nominations.

1) Mermaid Heather is one of my longest readers and her blog is now entering its impressive fifth year this month. She is the only other person I know in the blogosphere who loves author James Herbert as much as I do. I also adore her train-of-thought narrative.

2) Filmopia is run by my good buddy DirtyRobot. When he posts something I take notice because he seems to always have a periscope when it comes to finding all the cool shite on the Internet. This cat LIVES on the inside track, ladies and germs.

3) The Inevitable Zombie Apocalypse is where I go when I want to know about anything Zed. Cory's site is a media hub for flesh eater enthusiasts everywhere. His daily roundups sometimes keeps me occupied for hours, as link after link takes me further down the rabbit hole.

4) Movie Moxie, another fellow Toronto blogger, always amazes me with the sheer volume of content she puts up on her blog. Reviews, news, polls, Vlogs and even podcasts! I don't know where she finds the time.

5) I love giallos, and Giallo Fever is like a mecca for such things. I don't know if a more extensive collection of 'Eurotrash' reviews, posters and general conversation exists on the Web.

6) There are several blogs I follow that archive the VHS era, but Basement Of Ghoulish Decadence is probably the most prolific, racking up over 500 posts in under a year. I especially enjoy his video clips where he shows off his staggering collection. He also seems to have an uncanny knack for finding VHS treasures at yard sales.

7) Another Toronto peep, Eric's blog 32 Elvis Movies is a historical archive of "Vintage ads, ephemera, and stories from Canada's long-gone cinemas". He has also started screening old classic films (like Bride of Frankenstein and Dracula) at The Revue, one of the last few single-screen movie houses in Toronto. This Sunday is The Lost World, and I can't wait to get my stop-motion on!

Thanks again to Evil Dead Junkie at Things That Don't Suck for thinking of me. It's always nice to know there are people out there enjoying what you are doing.

*I lie. Half this stuff gets done at work. Shhhh.


Chris H said...

I also gave you a tiny shout out on All Things Horror!

I love this blog!

Bryce Wilson said...

You sir indeed Be Kreativ!

Seriously tho thanks for all the great reads.

Eric Veillette said...

Dude, thanks so much for the nomination!

Christine Hadden said...

Do I see a Hellraiser puzzle box on your desk?

Chief Brody said...

Hi there Jay, funnily enough I've just nominated you for this award...again! See here:

Jay Clarke said...

Much appreciated guys, all of you!