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Friday, January 8, 2010

Music To My Ears.

If you are like me, suddenly hearing a tune from your past can immediately conjure up fond memories. It could be something that you paid no attention to at the time, but got stuck in your mental trap anyway.

For instance, take old VHS home video distributor intros. If you grew up during the eighties (and even nineties) you would seen countless of these. Of course, why would you have taken any notice then? When we were young, those things were really just visual cues that told you where to stop when you were fast forwarding through the FBI warning.

Then, a few months ago, I popped in a tape of Trick Or Treats that I had bought off Ebay, and what came on?

Vestron Video should be a name well remembered by those who frequented video stores in the eighties. Founded in 1981, they amassed dozens of horror titles, including the likes of The Kindred, The Company Of Wolves, Rawhead Rex, Waxwork, Slaughter High, Class Of 1999, Lifeforce & The Little Girl Who Lives Down The Lane. I believe most of Vestron’s catalogue is now owned by Lionsgate, but a good deal of it still has yet to be released on DVD.

Upon seeing that logo, I was immediately transported back in time. I could almost see the fake wood panelling that used to line the walls of my childhood rec room.

This is the first in a new segment here at THS. Every Friday from now on, I’ll be throwing up a different intro clip that will be sure to elate all you children of the VHS era.


Andrew said...

This is so great! I love the distribution company intros!

Fear Finder said...

Hard to beat Vestron's, but I do have a soft spot for Cannon Films

Jay Clarke said...

Love Cannon! Where would I have been without the Golan-Globus actioners of the eighties? I actually recently saw Invasion USA on the big screen. It was needless to say, awesome.

Dan said...

Vestron video, was a big part of my childhood. I alway's loved the artwork. & I start to collect them & created a blog. And Vestron did released a lot of the Cannon films in Belgium & the Netherlands