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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

It's Hammer Time!

Seeing The Tower the other day prompted me to learn more about the company that could have spawned such a “special” film. Here is the intro for Emmeritus Productions.

Emmeritus was a Hamilton, Ontario based company that made ultra-low budget features for local television station CHCH during the 1980’s. When I looked them up on Imdb, I was elated to find they had quite the catalogue, many of which I remembered from my coverbox browsing days. Boasting titles such as Shock Chamber, Blue Murder, The Hijacking of Studio 4, Ladybear & Niagara Strip, how can my interest not be piqued? You can be sure I will be actively searching for anything from these guys from now on.

For more info on Emmeritus, check out this awesome article about them on, which includes several coverboxes and a promo video.

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