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Sunday, September 23, 2012

DKTM 154

This weekend, I'm helping out on a friend's shoot, but it's been a long time since I've done a news post, so this one's coming to you retroactively.  Enjoy your Sunday!

TIFF Videos.

Here's a roundup of video footage shot by my buddy Rob Mitchell during TIFF.  The Q&A's may have some spoilers, but there should be something below for everyone.

No One Lives Red Carpet Interviews.
No One Lives Q&A.
Hellbenders Red Carpet Interviews.
Hellbenders Q&A.
The Lords of Salem Red Carpet Interviews.
The Lords of Salem Q&A.
The ABC's of Death Red Carpet Interviews.
John Dies at the End Red Carpet Interviews.
John Dies at the End Q&A.

Mr. Fantastic.

My friend Chris Nash has three of his shorts playing this year's Fantastic Fest in Austin, TX.  We here in Toronto have been aware of his unique brand of insanity for many years now - I worked on his ABC's of Death contest entry T is for Thread - so I couldn't be happier to see his handiwork spreading outwards. Here is a trailer for the trio, collectively known as The Skinfection Trilogy.

The premiere was last Friday, but if you are in the Austin area, they are being screened again as part of the Severe Fantastic Fest Shorts programme on Tuesday evening.  You can also check out his Vimeo account for more videos, including his debut Day of John.

Tokyo Swag.

I posted some Japanese swag from the new Resident Evil movie on Friday, now here's the rest of the stuff Darryl brought me back from his trip.


On the videogame side of things...

Wait, what??? How'd this get in here?

Ah, now I know the Japanese word for 'disappointment'.

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