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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Don't Kill The Messenger 153

Hello all.  I hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend.  Here are some really cool things I came across online in the last week or so.

Ain't Technology Grand?

This thing blew my mind.  Using 3D software called Unity and Qualcomm Vuforia, Swedish company Fingerfunk was able to do this.

So, the idea is that you have the source code design printed on a T-shirt, so that it looks like it is bursting out of your chest.  Now, ever more awesome is that if you need more convincing that video above isn't bullocks, there is a free Android app that recreates the effect on your phone.

You can be sure I have been showing this to pretty much everyone I come in contact with this week.

VHS Love.

I found a great article from British blogger Bruce Walken over at Grizzly Bomb about the joys of the VHS format. Walken begins the article by talking about the ballooning number of sites, Facebook pages and YouTubers that reminisce about the everyone's favourite analog format, like vhshitfest and Horror VHS Collectors Unite.  He the shows off some of his most memorable cover boxes from the day, as well as touching on some of the history in the UK, like the devilish Video Nasties era.  It is a great piece that you can check out by clicking the image below.

Zombie Walkin'.

If you're kickin' up your feet this Labour Day, why not listen to this awesome mix made by Eric von Eric. Enjoy.

That's all for today.  I have to get mentally prepared for tonight's twenty-four hour movie marathon with the Laser Blast guys.  Let's hope my mind isn't mush by the end of it.

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