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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Don't Kill The Messenger XV.

It took a bit longer to find some items to talk about this week because it seems all anybody wants to talk about on horror websites recently is H2 and the Elm St. remake. Sad. Anyhoo...

More Trailers.

Time to get your splashguards out again, Yoshishiro Nishimura (Tokyo Gore Police) has a new feature on the way. Behold the trailer for Vampire vs. Frankenstein Girl.

Here's a trailer for a movie called Hysterical Psycho that is playing at Tribeca this year. At first, it was ho-hum, but as the trailer went on, it won me over.

And, I can't let this one go without a mention. In case, you didn't get enough of zombie-killing-cowboy-hat-donning-bikini-clad-samarai-action in last year's Chanbara Beauty, there is another one on the way. See the trailer for Chanbara Beauty: Vortex, complete with characters named "Mystery Girl" and "New Enemy" below.

Canned Goods.

The Cannes Film Festival lineup was announced, and it is loaded with heavy hitters. Lars Von Trier and Park Chan Wook are premiering their newest films (Antichrist and Thirst respectively) and so has the now infamous Gaspar Noe (Enter The Void). In the midnight screening category are three films. Front and centre is Sam Raimi's much anticipated return to horror Drag Me To Hell, as well as Ne Te Retourne Pas, a "psychodrama" starring Monica Bellucci and Sophie Marceau and the stop motion animation feature A Town Called Panic. I don't know much about ATCP beyond a trailer Twitch directed me to, but it kind of reminds me of those old Swiss Pingu shorts. Things are looking up!

But Why All The Vomiting?

I see there's a new 30 Second Bunnies Theatre short online. This one re-enacts 2007's vampire flick 30 Days Of Night. I couldn't embed it here, but if you want to check it out, click here.


Anonymous said...

That 30 Second Bunnies thing was funny! There were some other good ones there too.

- Zac

Elwood Jones said...

"Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl" looks insane and reminds of the Babycart in peril films.
Really looking forward to the sequel to Chanbara Beauty, as I really loved the original, which at heart was just a pop samurai movie....with Zombies.

Thanks for giving me somthing to look forward to.