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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Don't Kill The Messenger XXXII

Here's what I got this week.

Game With A Name.

Trick 'r Treat finally got released on video this week, which strangely coincided with the new episode of the Totally Rad Show featuring TrT director Michael Dougherty. TRS is a podcast on the Rev3 network that I watch religiously and Dougherty hung out with the TRS guys and played the old horror board game Nightmare. Check out the video below. If you want to skip right to it, it is at the 15:00 mark. You can also download the episode, by going here.

Join Us.

I got a trailer sent to me this week for a new indie from called The Duty Of Living. Directed by Brandon Hunt, it seems to be a take on the zombie genre, that I haven't seen before. See it below.

Joe's In The UK.

There was a new segment of Body Count this week on AOTS. Joe Lynch (Wrong Turn 2) gives us his picks from this year's FrightFest in the UK.

Timecrimes is a great pick although I'm not sure why Joe describes it as a horror flick involving a serial killer. I will seek out this Hills Run Red movie though, as its setup and visual style look like it might be fun.

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