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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Don't Kill The Messenger XXXIV

There a lot of stuff I want to cover today, so I'll get right to it.

Muchacho Del Globo!

I love a good mashup, especially the ones playing with horror movie trailers. The latest, from early this week, remixes the upcoming [REC] 2 with a certain story that left CNN blowing a lot of hot air.

He's An Old Broken Down Piece Of Meat!

Also this week in mashups, is this Grindhouse-inspired trailer for Aronofsky's Oscar nominated film The Wrestler. Thanks be to DirtyRobot for the heads up.

A New Teaser.

A few months ago, I mentioned that my friend Serena Whitney had gone to Louisiana to film a short. Well, a teaser is now up and you can watch it below. Based On Actual Events will hopefully be coming early next year. Stay tuned to Killerfilm for more updates.

Sieg Heil.

Wow, Nazis sure are popular these days. First, we had the crowd pleasing Dead Snow and then Quentin Tarantino gave us his long awaited reimagining of the last days of WWII with Inglourious Basterds. Now, it looks like we have a Nazi-centric slasher on the way from Denmark. Check out the new trailer for Final Solution below.

More Fear.

My buddy Rob Mitchell finally uploaded more of his footage from the Festival Of Fear. Check out the vids below.

For more vids, check out Rob & Sheleigh's YouTube channel here.

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