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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Killer Lists

Over the past few weeks, the folks over at Killerfilm have been posting lists of recommended watch lists for Halloween. What's really cool is they've gotten several filmmakers from the horror community to sound off, as well. I compiled a list below of some of the names that have been partaking in the fun over there. Click on their names to be redirected to their picks.

Terrance Zdunich, writer, composer and producer of Repo! The Genetic Opera.

Ti West
, director of House Of The Devil & The Roost.

Kevin S. Tenney, director of Night Of The Demons & 2007's Brain Dead.

Maurice Devereaux, director of End Of The Line & $la$her$.

Nathan Baesel, the title character from Behind The Mask: The Rise Of Leslie Vernon.

Dave Parker, director of The Hills Run Red & The Dead Hate The Living.

Paul Solet, director of Grace.

Adam Green, director of Hatchet, and the upcoming film Frozen.

Chris Sharp, The Brown Knight from Murder Party.

Stay tuned, for tomorrow I add another list of my own.

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