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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Tomás Says Hello.

Here's my Halloween costume this year.

For those scratching their head, I'm Tomás from the film The Orphanage. It was a lot of work and only possible because my mother happens to be a seamstress - a MILLION thanks be to her - but I think it turned out all right. There were a lot of people who came across me last night who seemed to think so anyway. Whatever you spend your Halloween night doing, stay safe and have fun!


Heather Santrous said...

Very cool costume! Did the people that like it know who you were supposed to be?

Jay Clarke said...

haha yeah, fortunately it was party with likeminded film fans. There was also a Keymaster and Gatekeeper (from Ghostbusters), the crazy chick from Audition and the bandaged dude from Timecrimes there lol

Mardi Gras costumes said...

Thanks for sharing the costume pics. This can be the trend for next year top costumes. If you can mass produce, I can test the market on my costumes store.

Jay Clarke said...

Thanks for the offer, but considering how long it took to make this one, I doubt it would be a practical endeavour.