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Friday, July 8, 2011

Fantasia Ahoy!

The full lineup & schedule for this year's Fantasia Film Festival was announced yesterday and the following are some of the flicks I hope to catch while I am there.

Kevin Smith's horror flick Red State is playing the evening my compatriots and I roll into town. With it being the opening film, I foresee a packed house.

Technically, I've already seen Andrew Trauki's The Reef, but considering it's kinda the best horror flick I've seen so far this year, I won't mind checking it out on the big screen.

Of all the titles that are playing while I'm in Montreal, The Theatre Bizarre is what I'm most stoked about seeing. And this newly released trailer did not make me any less excited. Check it out!

The day after the screening, there is also an event called Architects of The Theatre Bizarre. It's an hour-long discussion with the filmmakers, including Doug Buck, Kareem Hussain, Tom Savini and Richard fucking Stanley in attendance.

And if those weren't enough, I'll likely be cramming the weekend with these titles, as well.

Good times ahead!

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