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Sunday, July 31, 2011

DKTM 112

Hey everyone. Here's a quick rundown of some cool things from this week before I take off for a lunch meeting.

Action Figure Madness.

As you know Comic-Con was last week, and with it came boatloads of new figures. My buddy Schwartz (of Cartoon and Horror) is always on the ball when it comes to this stuff and posted a hefty sample of what was unveiled. Here below are the groovy NECA Evil Dead figures.

Click here to see the rest.

Go Inside.

Last week, I came across this new web project, called The Inside Experience, an interactive experiment directed by DJ Caruso (Disturbia) and starring Emmy Rossum (Shameless). Rather than me trying to explain, it is probably best they tell you about it.

Here below, is the first episode from July 25th.

I'm interested to see how this all plays out. For more episodes and info, click here.

Giallos, Old & New.

Sergio Martino's awesomely sleazy giallo Torso is getting the Blu-Ray treatment from Blue Underground.

Available August 30th, it will also be packed with special features, including Murders in Perugia: An Interview with Sergio Martino.

I also wanted to mention a project called Blind Alley. Antonio Trashorras, writer of such films as The Devil's Backbone, has his own giallo-inspired film in the works. Twitch posted some stills & artwork and now I'm all excited to see it.

For more info on Blind Alley, click here.

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