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Saturday, October 1, 2011

DKTM 119

October's here, and that means only a few weeks until the big H! Here are some horror tidbits from the week at large.

Trailers Abound.

A few more trailers popped up on the web this week. First, is the Russian trailer for the upcoming prequel of The Thing, which showcases some more of the effects.

I didn't know Mary Elizabeth Winstead could speak Russian!

Next up, is the trailer for the Lithuanian zombie flick War of the Dead, which will see its world premiere at this month's Toronto After Dark Film Festival.

Lastly, a new trailer for the fast approaching second season of The Walking Dead has shambled its way online. There isn't much new here, except a glimpse at a certain locale that every fan of the comic has been waiting for.

A Kid At Heart.

A few weeks back, I linked to the short Hooked by Axelle Carolyn. Well, the writer and actress turned director now has a new project on the go called The Halloween Kid and she needs our help. See below for her pitch.

For more info on the project, go here.

What's In A Name?

With Cockbuster finally kicking the bucket this week, it reminded me that it's been a while since I have checked in on the great blog Lost Video Archive. So, here's a really cool ongoing feature he has been doing over there. Pretty much every video store had some sort of identification sticker on their tapes and this site has a pretty impressive collection of them. Click the image below, to check them all out.

That's it for now, but be sure to check back tomorrow because I've got something special for ya.

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