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Friday, October 7, 2011

TAD Schedule

Yesterday, the schedule was announced for the upcoming Toronto After Dark Film Festival. Usually I see a good chunk of their titles at Fantasia, but TAD has managed to compile an impressive number of premieres this year, which means I’m going to be a very busy boy over the next few weeks. Here below, is the schedule. Click on the film title to see a trailer, where available.

Thu, Oct 20 7pm – Monster Brawl
Fri, Oct 21 7pm – Exit Humanity
Fri Oct 21 945pm – Father’s Day
Sat, Oct 22 130pm – Shorts After Dark
Sat, Oct 22 415pm – Redline
Sat, Oct 22 7pm – DeadHeads
Sat, Oct 22 945pm – War of the Dead
Sun, Oct 23 130pm – Some Guy Who Kills People
Sun, Oct 23 415pm – Love
Sun, Oct 23 7pm – The Theatre Bizarre
Sun, Oct 23 945pm – Midnight Son
Mon, Oct 24 7pm – Absentia
Mon, Oct 24 945pm – A Lonely Place To Die
Tue, Oct 25 7pm – The Divide
Tue, Oct 25 945pm – Manborg
Wed, Oct 26 7pm – The Corridor
Wed, Oct 26 945pm – Vs
Thu, Oct 27 7pm – The Woman
Thu, Oct 27 945pm – The Innkeepers

For ticket info and other deets, click here. Hope to see you there.

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