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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

DKTM 121

As you know, I usually do my Messenger posts on Sundays, but with Video Store Day last weekend and the impending craziness of Toronto After Dark, there might not be one for a while; if not now. Here's what's been going on.


Here's a bit of awesome news revealed by Bloody Disgusting. Their inaugural foray into feature film production is an anthology entitled V/H/S. As if this wasn't enough to hook me, they have also lined up some great directors, including Adam Wingard (You're Next), Ti West (House of the Devil) and Glenn McQuaid (I Sell The Dead). Not much is known at this point, except that it involves some sort of 'found footage' inside a creepy old house. Click here for the full announcement.

Arrow, You Complete Me.

I just wanted to draw attention to another beautiful Arrow Films release, this one for Juan Piquer Simón's 1982 flick Pieces. I don't know who does the artwork for them, but they deserve some kind of award. I mean, LOOK!

For more info on the DVD, click here.

Dead Bits.

The Walking Dead started up again last Sunday and leading up to it, AMC produced six webisodes. Directed by series effects guru Greg Nicotero, the episodes focus on the origin of Hannah, the half-zombie featured in the series premiere. Here they are below.


nevorpurify said...

I'm pretty sure that that Pieces artwork is from Jeff Zornow who does a lot of designs for Fright Rags. It isn't original artwork for the film, in fact I'm pretty surprised that it's the DVD artwork!

Jay Clarke said...

Yeah, it looks like Arrow puts out new covers for their releases. Awesome stuff though, not the usual photoshopped bs. Especially love their cover for Bird With The Crystal Plumage!