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Sunday, July 15, 2012

DKTM 150!

To commemorate the one-hundred-and-fiftieth Don't Kill the Messenger post, I figured I would make it an all-video edition.  Here goes!

Marble Hornets.

I happened to come across this web series called Marble Hornets earlier this week.  You know, it's a testament to just how vast the Web really is, because this thing has been going for three years now, and I'm only just discovering it now.  Here below, are the first two episodes, and if these don't hook you, nothing will.

Apparently, the myth of “The Slender Man” is something that started on the paranormal message boards of the website Something Awful. In 2009, filmmaker Troy Wagner began a web series that incorporated the modern urban legend and now, after over sixty episodes, it has garnered quite a following. To get on board, check out the MH YouTube channel here. Be sure you have some free time though, as the total running time these days is in excess of four hours.  Happy hunting, and sweet dreams...

Finally, She Shows Her Face.

At last, we have a proper trailer for the Soska Sisters' new film, American Mary. The movie stars Canuck Katherine Isabelle as a deranged medical student. Thanks to Twitch for the heads up.

Comic-Con Goodies.

I recently gave up cable, and the only thing I really miss is G4TV and their pervasive E3 and SDCC coverage. Here is some of the cool stuff that hit Comic-Con this past weekend.

First up, is the trailer everyone's been waiting for.  The Season 3 teaser for The Walking Dead.  Unlike some shows - Dex*cough*ter - this one looks like it's getting better with age.

Here's a clip from the upcoming Silent Hill sequel, Revelation.  It was a good move to lead with the strong stuff, wouldn't you say?

On the gaming side of things, here is the newest clip for my most anticipated game of 2013, The Last Of Us.

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